Wooden sled

Houten slee

A wooden sled brings many advantages. It is made of a sustainable product. In this way, you contribute to a cleaner and better environment. In addition, wood is a very strong product that can take a beating. In addition, people also sit more comfortably on it. You can also paint it in the colour you want with a special wood paint. There are also models with a backrest which makes it even more comfortable. Besides that it is just a nice sport activity to do during the snow. In most cases you can use a pull cord to move the child on it. It often looks like a bench with some metal strips mounted on the bottom. However, you can also use a cushion for a comfortable ride.

A wooden sledge with backrest

A wooden sled with a backrest is even more comfortable than the standard version. Often there is also a pull cord on it so that the parents can move the children forward. It is also possible to give it your own color. It probably reminds you of that feeling in the past when there were almost only wooden variants. Wood is of a high quality. Of course you can also use the sled for dragging so you do not necessarily need a hill or a mountain. There are also twin sleds available that you can tie together for several children. It is also sometimes used during the winter to move things from one room to another. Of course you can also put a big snowball on it and move it somewhere else.

What makes it so fun?

A wooden sled shows character because of the properties that wood has. Wood comes in different colours and with different structures. There are also special sledges for children. Often these are smaller and lighter models so that children can also use them independently. There are also models that can be folded. You can easily store these during the period that you are not using them. These are also lighter and can be used independently. A sled with metal plates at the bottom of the wood glides best. This ensures a better smoothness and everyone will enjoy it more. You can also move much faster with this sled. This ensures a higher speed and that is what the children especially like. Of course there are also enough sleds for adults. They too sometimes long back to their childhood.

What types of wooden sled are there?

There are various types of the wooden sled. This is because there are different desires among the various target groups. For example, there are many people who want to buy a sled as cheaply as possible. Besides this, there are also sledges that are made of extra high quality wood. These have a perfect finish and are also less prone to rotting. The standard type of wood has to be dried immediately to prevent it from rotting. The more expensive types are often impregnated, which makes them more resistant. You can also choose to have metal plates mounted on the bottom. This ensures a higher speed and a better sliding effect. There are also models that have a protection cap. These prevent damage to the sled so you can enjoy it for years.

The special wooden sled for children

For children, there are a lot of types of the wooden sled. After all, they have different lengths and, of course, they also have a certain number of wishes. More and more we see the version that is equipped with a backrest. In addition, the sled often has a metal connecting rod that ensures that you have a good sturdiness on the sled. Many companies also apply a layer of varnish to the wood to ensure that the wood can breathe well and does not rot quickly. It is wise to have this done yearly or to do it yourself. This way you can enjoy this sled for a long time. Usually you can find the sled in a children's toy store. If you still have trouble with it, there are plenty of people selling their old sled online. There are also many online department stores that sell this item. The advantage of selling online is that you can see what people think of the sled.

Why this is such a spectacle during the winter

During the winter, a wooden sled is a real spectacle. This is because in the past they did not know any other variations. Just watch your grandpa and grandma how you see them smile when you are at their door doing this. It is a piece of nostalgia where families often come closer together. In addition, there is usually something tasty to snack on afterwards. This can be a nice cup of hot chocolate, but also a delicious bowl of pea soup. It is those real winter days that connect people in society. You also see many other children on the street making snowmen or throwing snowballs. It is not for nothing that the children call it the most beautiful time of the year.

What sizes do you have of the wooden sled?

You have a wooden sled in various shapes and sizes. The perfect example is the one we know classically for children. In addition, another example is the one for adults. There are also variants where you have a backrest. To make it extra luxurious you can for example choose to mount a cushion or use beanbag material. This ensures optimal driving comfort for both young and old. Besides that, you also see more and more people painting their own sled in a nice color. Because of this you see the most fun and new variants. There are people who make a true work of art out of it. Also NEON colours are coming back more and more.

Michael kors watch

Michael kors horloge

A Michael kors watch has been the fashion accessories for ladies for years. However, there are also more and more men who wear the watches. He is originally a fashion designer who has worked for many major brands. Already when he was only 19 he designed his first collection. In the watch collection, you see especially gold and rose gold. These are colors that also exude a little exclusivity which fits well with the style of Michael. The watches are beautifully designed with attention to the smallest details. Of course he also uses the best and latest techniques so you have a watch that can last for decades. There are also more and more smartwatches which you always in connection with your favorite devices. The brand also has some tough models for ladies that lean more towards masculinity. Anno 2021 this should be possible.

Why is the Michael kors watch so popular?

The Michael kors watch has quickly gained popularity due to the fame of Michael himself. He was already active in the fashion industry since his 19th birthday. Meanwhile, he works for the biggest brands so his name has become a real household name. He also uses the latest techniques to design watches. It is a fairly affordable brand for most people to pay. Yet they can in this way a piece of luxury because there is much use of gold. For several years there is also a men's collection that continues to expand. You can also buy the watches not only in the shops, but also at large department stores. By the arrival of more and more online shops, the sales of the brand has increased dramatically and it is now a real multi-million dollar company.

The developments through the years

Over the years, the Michael Kors watch has become a real eye catcher for people who care a lot about outer appearance. He was already known for his exclusive clothing lines which has ensured that he quickly put together an extensive collection. Through the years it seems that rose gold, gold and silver are the most popular colors for this watch. However, it is important that a watch is available in as many colours as possible so that you can change it every now and then to match an outfit. Only since 2004 they are active on the Dutch market. They breathe a real feeling of luxury at a favorable price. More and more men choose these watches because the men's collection is mainly focused on casual. These watches make an outfit really complete!

An indispensable fashion accessory the Michael kors watch

The Michael Kors watch has become an accessory that is impossible to imagine life without. Although this brand has only been active since 2004, since 2006 it has become an integral part of the collection of many women. This American brand has a luxurious look in the most beautiful colors. It is also often that people buy multiple watches so they can perfectly match with their outfit. Besides women, there are also men who choose this top brand. This is not because of luxury, but just the casual look that this watch has to offer. It is a piece of jewelry that is essential in the wardrobe of both men and women.

What are the costs of a Michael kors watch?

A Michael Kors watch can be bought from about €150,-. With this price, it is a fairly affordable watch, but one with quality. There are millions of watches of this brand sold worldwide and that is not for nothing. This is because everything to the last detail is thought. In addition, the colors they use 100% unique and there is almost no competition in the field of these luxury colors. Also, it is a watch that often matches well with the outfit and this feature the watch also has. Since a few years there is not only a large collection for ladies, but also for men. This ensures that they are also business and casual good for the day. Most people describe the watches as timeless with a big heart for elegance.

Who are these watches made for?

The Michael kors watch is made for both men and women. We also see more and more teenagers wearing these luxury watches. It is also made by many fashion designers as a finishing touch to an outfit. It is also great to combine with accessories such as a handbag or belt. Often, a little bit of glitter is chosen because it best suits the design of the watches. The American designer is no longer indispensable from the streetscape. Despite the fact that he is 62 years old, he is not thinking about stopping yet. In the coming years we can continue to expect beautiful watches of this brand. In addition, they have recently chosen to also make smartwatches. This is becoming increasingly important. You always want to be connected to the phone, but also health tools are increasingly used on watches.

The Michael kors watch for ladies

The Michael kors watch has been a hot item since 2006. Since then, almost all ladies have one or more watches in their collection. Even famous people and fashion designers often combine it with the outfit. Michael Kors has a unique color style and also many variations that you can complete any outfit. We also see for ladies who feel more like a man more rugged models in the collection. Because everyone can be who they want to be, this is an important step for the company to continue to exist in the future. Often gold or pink gold is chosen, but there are also models with a classic leather strap. So it is also a watch for all ages. In the society we see that people from 12-80 years old wear this watch. In the last years of your life you want to look your best and that should also be possible.

The possibilities of a Michael kors watch

There are several possibilities for wearing a Michael Kors watch. You have them in analogue variants, but also in the digital variant, there are some watches to find. These are usually smartwatches that you can also connect to a mobile phone or tablet. In addition, they are just real fashion items that you shine during a night out.

What are the costs for a move?

Kosten verhuizen

The costs for a move differ in the approach you choose. If you want to move cheaply it is best to rent a moving van. But what does a move cost and how do you calculate it?
You need to be clear about what needs to be done and how much time this will take. When you have a large house it might be wise to outsource this. A moving company is much faster and often offers a packing service. Within a few days you can be moving while it would take you weeks. They also often arrange moving boxes or containers which can save you money. If you have boxes at home you can better do this yourself.

What are the costs of moving and how can you move cheaply?

On the site of the Consumers' Association you will find several tips to move cheaply with a clear understanding of the costs for a move. First you need to look at what you could do yourself and whether you can get time off work for this. If you choose for a moving company you have to indicate clearly what obstacles are in the way. This way they can make you a sharp offer. Examples of obstacles are a tight parking space or no elevator at the apartment complex.

Extra tips to save money on a move

Sometimes it can be smart to rent a moving lift. You might think these are extra costs but this saves a lot of time and therefore money. You can move faster or get back to your job sooner. Labeling boxes and bags makes sure that you can put everything in the right place right away. You can also move small items to your new home before the move. This will save you valuable time on the day itself. Moreover, you will be able to enjoy your beautiful new home sooner. Last but not least, you need to make sure that you can park your car easily and spaciously enough.

The cost of transport

On average you pay 20 to 50 euros for call-out charges for a move. Also, each employee costs on average 40 euros per hour. Often you have an x number of free kilometers make sure you do not go too far over this. Each additional kilometer costs an average of 0.50 to 1 euro per kilometer and this can quickly run into the papers. Often there is also a parking permit required. Do you not have one because you do not have a car? Then it is wise to apply for one at the municipality. This also costs about 20-50 euros but prevents a more expensive fine. During the weekend most companies raise their rates by 25-75% because there is a lot of demand. So make sure you can do as much as possible during the week and take time off work if necessary.

Indication of costs for the move

Many people ask us what exactly does a move cost? There is no standard answer to this question because many factors play a role. Take for example the amount of furniture and stuff that needs to be moved. But also parking space and the presence of an elevator play a role of time and money. A quote from a removal company is usually for 80 - 100 percent sure. If you indicate everything correctly, the quotation will be correct. In only 10% of the cases is the quote higher, this is often due to incorrect estimation of activities. Also pay attention to any permits from the municipality to avoid a fine.

What are the costs for a removal with a moving van

Depending on the number of kilometers you drive and the model you need, you can often rent a moving van for a reasonable price. For a standard house you pay on average between 25 and 150 euros per day. We recommend to do as much as possible in one time to load. This is because you often have x number of free kilometers per day. But also the costs for a move depend on the insurance you take out for the moving van. The excess also plays a role in determining the price. When you're young, you often pay more than an older person of 30+. This is because among young people the risk of an accident is higher.

Rent a storage box

When you are planning a move and you don't have the space to store everything, it is smart to get a quote from a storage company. Here you can temporarily store your belongings for a fixed amount per month. This is often a solution for a cheap move. And it also ensures that you have less stress in your home and that you can decorate faster. Sometimes the moving company can also temporarily store your belongings. Always ask for the prices in order not to be surprised. Regionally, there are storage units for rent in almost every area. Many of them are accessible 24 hours a day. This allows you to quietly decorate your home after work.

Tips to save on the cost of moving house with children

Children play a big part in the cost of a move. If you haven't notified them in time they can become annoying. These can be valuable hours and a moving company will not wait for this or you will get an hourly bill. So explain to your child what moving is and why they are moving. If necessary, you can go to the new house a few times beforehand. That way they can get used to it. But it also helps to show them that they are getting a bigger or nicer room. Then they will want to be ready as soon as possible on the day of the move. Make sure they get enough attention in the period before the move.

What are the average costs for moving by a removal company?

On average, a removal by a removal company costs between 337 and 2312 euros. It is therefore worthwhile to request a quote from several companies. Make sure you clearly indicate the size of your household effects, as this will largely determine the price. Also look at the conditions such as excess, deposit and insurance. When something breaks during transport you want it to be compensated. This can usually be found in the general conditions of the company. You should also check whether they work with a fixed rate or an hourly rate. Often a fixed price is much cheaper than an hourly rate. This also depends on the number of employees the company sends.

What should you look out for to keep the cost of a move down?

To keep the costs of moving as low as possible it is wise to do as much as possible yourself. When you make sure that you have packed everything properly for the move, it is often done in 4-8 hours. This will not only save you money when you do it yourself but also when you outsource it. When movers have to help packing it costs more time and therefore more money. But if you have a good job that makes you lose more money it is better to outsource the work. It also depends on the size of your furniture. If you have a villa then it is smart to empty it. If you have an apartment you can handle it yourself. So there is no fixed way to move cheaply. 

The advantages of a removal company

If you are looking for a cheap and stress free way of moving then a moving company might be the thing for you. Often they will move you for 800 -1000 euro. This amount is based on a house of 50m2 with 2 employees of the company. When you want to save on these costs you can choose for one employee less. However you will have to do a lot more work yourself and a day off or several days will cost money as well. When you have less stuff to move it is often done faster. Or if it's only big stuff it's often done for 600 euro. It depends on weights and numbers so always ask for several quotations.

What factors affect the cost of a move?

The most important factor in the cost of a move is the number of kilometers that have to be covered. If a moving company is located far away from you or you have to rent a bus in another city, it will quickly cost you a lot of money. Therefore always look for a company close to your home. It can also cost money to park your car. So it is smart to check if there is a permit at the new house. Also hiring extra movers costs money and usually they charge around 40 euros per hour. An urgent move or moving in the weekend also drives up the costs. So try to plan well in order to get a cheap move.

Why does the toilet keep running?

Waarom blijft de wc doorlopen

When a toilet flushes, this is often due to the float. If it does not function properly, this causes a great waste of water. When there is dirt or lime scale in the toilet, it will continue to run. The water supply does not work anymore and it will continue to pump water. It is therefore wise to clean it with some regularity. The problem can also be caused by a defective flushing mechanism. Here you can replace the rubbers or install a new mechanism. Check all the parts inside the toilet so you can find the problem.

How does a toilet work?

When a toilet keeps on running, you can find many tips on the internet. Because every toilet has a different construction, you should first look at how your toilet flows. When you flush, you will see a large amount of water appear and when the water level drops, the knob will spring back. If you have a lever or other mechanism you can see that it has finished flushing. This is because the float valve is connected to the water tank which ensures that water comes through. A toilet will not overflow because there is usually an overflow connected to the cistern.

Find your own solution to a toilet that keeps on running

If your toilet keeps running after flushing, it's probably time to give it a thorough cleaning. You can often see in the water tank whether there is dirt or lime scale present. You can also remove the float so that all the water is drained off. This way you can clean it completely. When lime or dirt sticks to valves or water taps you get a blockage. This is not for nothing the most common problem. Use cleaning vinegar or a descaling agent to remedy this. You can also let it soak overnight so that everything comes loose. Then flush the toilet a few times so all the dirt can be removed.

The toilet is still running

When the problem is not solved, it is wise to turn off the water tap so you can start looking for another cause. This way you can examine the bottom valve or bottom tray. When you see that it doesn't close properly you have found the cause. So clean it thoroughly and let the detergent soak in. It can also be the rubber ring in the mechanism of the bottom valve. You can replace this by getting the right size at a plumbing shop or hardware store. The ring in the float can also be worn out. This you can also get at these stores.

WC keeps running due to defective flushing mechanism

When the flush mechanism is defective, your toilet may continue to flush. You can find this out by checking whether the flush button or handle sticks. It is also possible that the membrane of the bell is worn out. You can replace it yourself by going to a hardware store and buying a new one. When you see that the whole clock does not work, it is wise to call a plumber. He or she has already fixed a toilet that keeps on running. So they can see if it needs to be repaired or they will replace it completely.

If you're at a loss as to what to do with a toilet.

If a toilet continues to run, the problem may also be with the adjustment of the float. So thoroughly check the water level at which the float moves. This is a common error that you can easily adjust yourself. There is an adjusting screw attached to the float with which you do this. Make sure you do this with small turns because otherwise it changes too much. This is a precise job. Check the operation by playing through a few times. It is also possible that there are holes in the float membrane. You can buy a new one at a hardware store.
Do the above solutions not solve the problem of a toilet that keeps running?
Then call in a plumber! He or she has years of experience in the industry, so they can check more parts as well.

Built-in toilet keeps running

If your toilet keeps on running, it is often more complicated than a normal toilet. It usually starts with the inner workings of the flush-mounted toilet. You can't get in there without taking the tiles out of the wall. It is therefore not easy and a lot of work to repair. The advice is to work from the outside inwards. If this doesn't work, there is no other option than to remove the tiles from the wall. If this is not the cause of the problem you better call a plumber. Removing a cistern is a lot of work and often cheaper to do. Mounting a cistern is nice but when it fails it's a lot of work and expensive.

Step-by-step plan when the toilet keeps running

When your toilet keeps on running, it is wise to first turn off the water supply. Find out where the stopcock is and turn it off completely. Often the water tap is in the meter cupboard. If you rent a house, you could also ask the landlord. Then remove the flap from the sink so you can locate the problem. It could be several things. Often it is the float valve or a leather that is broken. But the membrane or the mechanism can also be defective. When you have too much doubt it is always wise to consult a plumber. When you do something wrong, you can't reverse it and you run the risk of having to replace the entire toilet. Be careful and when in doubt, call a plumber.

Remove dirt or limescale when a toilet keeps on running

When a toilet keeps on running, this can often be caused by dirt or lime residue. You can clean these yourself. First make sure you have shut off the water supply and that the cistern is empty. Then use vinegar or another descaling agent and let it soak into the parts. It is also wise to let it stand overnight. This gives the agent a chance to soak in. The stronger the agent, the better it cleans. So don't be too economical because it's cheaper than a new toilet. The next day, flush the toilet a few times so that all the dirt or lime can be removed. Always check your work and repeat if necessary. If you haven't done anything to it for years, this may take a few days.

What is sous vide?

Sous vide ribeye

Sous vide is mainly known from the ribeye. In the Netherlands this is also known as vacuum cooking. This is mostly done with meat but can also be done with vegetables. The meat or vegetables are packed in a bag and heated to a maximum of 100 degrees Celsius. The big advantage of this is that you don't have to do much yourself and therefore you don't have to stress. But the meat is also al dente by the low temperatures and you get a unique taste experience. So you no longer need to go to an expensive restaurant. You can easily make the dishes from the starred restaurants at home.

Preparing a sous vide steak

What you need to make a sous vide steak or ribeye is a bag or a sous vide pan. When you want to make a crispy version of this steak or ribeye it is wise to keep the temperature between 50 and 70 degrees Celsius. At 50 degrees Celsius it is still nice and red inside, at 60 degrees Celsius it is medium and therefore al dente. But at 70 degrees Celsius you have made it well done and crispy. The only thing you have to do is season it and prepare it sous vide. Use oil instead of butter to get a nicer color. Then you can complete the dish yourself with fries or a salad.

How to prepare a ribeye sous vide?

Preparing a ribeye sous vide is the most delicious recipe you can have at home. You only have to season it and prepare it with a vacuum bag or sous vide pan. This will save you a lot of time and stress. Originally you prepared it in a vacuum bag which you put in a water bath. It is very similar to preparing chocolate au bain marie. You can also choose to cook it in a steam oven. Depending on the space you have in your kitchen, you can prepare it the way you like it best.

Taste of sous vide ribeye

The taste of a sous vide ribeye is many times stronger and tastier. This is because vitamins, flavors and aromas are preserved by the vacuum sealing of the product, so there can be no loss of flavor. In addition, it is also a fun way of cooking with the kids to do. They learn in a safe and unique way how to prepare meat. With a splashing pan with oil or butter, parents are often careful and this is not necessary when you cook sous vide.

The history of sous vide ribeye

The first ribeye that was prepared sous vide happened approximately in 1974-1975. This method was originally invented in 1799 but never taken into use by the society. In 1960 this method was introduced again but due to the industrial food preparation it was soon taken off the market again. In 1979, the sous vide preparation reached its breakthrough and we enjoy it more and more today. Also, you don't waste vitamins which is better for your health. But you also can not burn what often happens to impatient people. Previously, this way of cooking a lasting hobby. You had to buy all kinds of expensive equipment. But today, many more people do sous vide cooking. Therefore, the price of a sous vide pan has dropped drastically.

Advantages sous vide cooking ribeye or steak

When you cook a steak or ribeye sous vide you can benefit from many advantages. Starting with the fact that you have a unique way of cooking so you don't have to control the process. Besides that it is also much healthier because you don't add fat and the original vitamins and taste are preserved. You can also cook it gradually and in the same way. After all, the eye wants something too. And the core temperature of the meat is just right, which is hardly possible with normal frying.

The sous vide ribeye

The sous vide ribeye can be prepared on hot water or in a steam oven. When you do this for the first time you have to search for the right settings on the devices. But luckily the internet is full of tips and temperatures you can use. The advantage of sous vide cooking is that no taste is lost. But also the flavors and the moisture are preserved which you can use to make a delicious gravy. The brown or black crusts you will not get anymore so it also looks nicer. The ribeye is fully cooked on the inside as well as on the outside. And this gives a whole different texture compared to other preparation methods.

What is Birria?


Birria is a classic stew recipe from Mexican cuisine. It is made from both beef and lamb. And most people add some goat cheese as well. You can combine it with any kind of meat you have at home. Make sure you choose meat with bones because it gives extra taste. In the Netherlands we don't know many Mexican restaurants. But in America this is one of the most popular dishes.

Birria change

Originally Birria was only made from goat meat. Nowadays it is mainly made from veal, beef, lamb or pork. In this way every family has the opportunity to make Birria regardless of the budget they have available. And this makes for several variants that are created by family recipes.

How to make Birria

Birria is made by preparing beef and lamb in combination with stock. In Mexican cuisine they like a lot of spice, so using different kinds of chillies in the stock is no luxury. If you don't want it too spicy you can choose to remove the seeds. Just like we do with the hachee in the Netherlands, this dish should be simmered for hours. Depending on the ingredients you add you will get a sweet, sour or even spicy taste. It is also an ideal filling for a taco.

Making Birria tacos

Birria is a dish full of culture and tradition of Mexican cuisine. Never throw away the meat broth and serve it with the taco. You need a good quality corn tortillas or you can make them yourself. In addition, the meat is the most important thing you put in it. Here you are free to combine different types of meat it is a recipe you make to your taste. After the meat the chilies are the most important. Depending on how spicy or sweet you want it you pick the chillies. Preferably at a grocery store because they usually have the best quality. Also the spices are up to you. Usually there is coriander and oregano in it. To give it some extra spice you can add some garlic cloves.

The beginning of making a taco

Based on the recipe for 10 people, you need 1 kg of meat to make that Birria stuffing. A tip is to ask the butcher for a piece that you can cook for a long time. Season it with the desired herbs. When it has a nice brown colour it is sufficiently cooked. In this phase you also fry the onions so they become golden brown. Next you prepare the peppers and remove the seeds if you don't like them. In between taste it to see if it has the desired taste and add extra pepper if desired. Be careful with peppers because you can't take it out again. It must simmer for 1.5 hours to get the right taste.

Birria tortilla

We recommend for the Birria recipe that you use corn tortillas. You can heat these on high heat in the pan or grill. A variation is to dip the tortillas in the gravy to give it even more flavor. Also, when you heat the tortillas, you can put some grated cheese on them. We Dutch are not cheeseheads for nothing. Then you can spoon up the Birria and close the tortilla on both sides. If you like it crispy you can put both sides on the grill for a few seconds. If you like you can garnish it with extra vegetables or herbs and that's it!

Where is Birria eaten in Mexico?

Especially in street stalls in Mexico you can find the most delicious Birria. But also the small cafes or so called mama cafes have classics like this on the menu. Often this is made of the meat that is cheap or available in season. So it may be that you have a different taste in the winter compared to the summer. This also applies to the vegetable and pepper variations they make of it. Often the Mexicans marinate the meat the night before. This gives the meat a chance to absorb the flavor.

Step-by-step plan for making Birria

First of all you start with roasting the peppers. From this you make a pepper paste for the Birria. If you do not like spicy, remove the seeds. You can do this in a blender with some vinegar blending. Then you are going to spice up the meat and rub it in with the herbs you like. Leave it overnight to get the best result. Make sure you cover it with cling film and put it in the fridge for the best result. 

When you let this stand overnight you can start cooking the meat. When you have cooked the meat you can add the broth and let it stew for a couple of hours. When you do this at 175 degrees you need 3-4 hours. Then you make bowls for the visitors so they can serve the meat themselves. Do not throw away the cooking liquid because it is delicious over the tortilla or wrap.

Where is Birria made?

Birria is a meat stew that is often used on special occasions. Think of weddings and parties in Mexico. But it also does not hurt to eat this recipe on a weekly basis as delicious as this is. Often it is served with tacos or tortillas. The meat and the spices can be prepared one day in advance which saves you a lot of time. The next day you can make a nice boiled broth of it and serve it with the taco or tortilla. But also during Christmas and Easter this dish is often made in the Mexican kitchen. It is a festive dish which you can compose to your own wishes.

The culture

Birria is not only a tradition in Mexico but it is also part of the culture for many Mexicans. You will find them in many restaurants or street carts and everywhere you will find a different taste. This is because everyone has his own variant and not only with goat meat. The evolution and the limited supply of goat meat has made it possible to also use lamb or pork. Beef is also recommended because of the good stewing possibilities this dish offers. Each state has its own variation but especially for the people from Jalisco and Guadalajara this dish is part of the culture.

Where is Birria popular?

Besides Mexico, the Birria taco is also a popular dish in America. There, thousands of people a day eat this delicious taco or wrap filled with a meat stew. Also in America they use family recipes. Many Mexicans moved to America to break with the Birria. This has succeeded and more and more new restaurants are opening here. Since 2009 it is already one of the most popular meals you can eat here. And the current generations are slowly passing it on to the next generation.