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A Michael kors watch has been the fashion accessories for ladies for years. However, there are also more and more men who wear the watches. He is originally a fashion designer who has worked for many major brands. Already when he was only 19 he designed his first collection. In the watch collection, you see especially gold and rose gold. These are colors that also exude a little exclusivity which fits well with the style of Michael. The watches are beautifully designed with attention to the smallest details. Of course he also uses the best and latest techniques so you have a watch that can last for decades. There are also more and more smartwatches which you always in connection with your favorite devices. The brand also has some tough models for ladies that lean more towards masculinity. Anno 2021 this should be possible.

Why is the Michael kors watch so popular?

The Michael kors watch has quickly gained popularity due to the fame of Michael himself. He was already active in the fashion industry since his 19th birthday. Meanwhile, he works for the biggest brands so his name has become a real household name. He also uses the latest techniques to design watches. It is a fairly affordable brand for most people to pay. Yet they can in this way a piece of luxury because there is much use of gold. For several years there is also a men's collection that continues to expand. You can also buy the watches not only in the shops, but also at large department stores. By the arrival of more and more online shops, the sales of the brand has increased dramatically and it is now a real multi-million dollar company.

The developments through the years

Over the years, the Michael Kors watch has become a real eye catcher for people who care a lot about outer appearance. He was already known for his exclusive clothing lines which has ensured that he quickly put together an extensive collection. Through the years it seems that rose gold, gold and silver are the most popular colors for this watch. However, it is important that a watch is available in as many colours as possible so that you can change it every now and then to match an outfit. Only since 2004 they are active on the Dutch market. They breathe a real feeling of luxury at a favorable price. More and more men choose these watches because the men's collection is mainly focused on casual. These watches make an outfit really complete!

An indispensable fashion accessory the Michael kors watch

The Michael Kors watch has become an accessory that is impossible to imagine life without. Although this brand has only been active since 2004, since 2006 it has become an integral part of the collection of many women. This American brand has a luxurious look in the most beautiful colors. It is also often that people buy multiple watches so they can perfectly match with their outfit. Besides women, there are also men who choose this top brand. This is not because of luxury, but just the casual look that this watch has to offer. It is a piece of jewelry that is essential in the wardrobe of both men and women.

What are the costs of a Michael kors watch?

A Michael Kors watch can be bought from about €150,-. With this price, it is a fairly affordable watch, but one with quality. There are millions of watches of this brand sold worldwide and that is not for nothing. This is because everything to the last detail is thought. In addition, the colors they use 100% unique and there is almost no competition in the field of these luxury colors. Also, it is a watch that often matches well with the outfit and this feature the watch also has. Since a few years there is not only a large collection for ladies, but also for men. This ensures that they are also business and casual good for the day. Most people describe the watches as timeless with a big heart for elegance.

Who are these watches made for?

The Michael kors watch is made for both men and women. We also see more and more teenagers wearing these luxury watches. It is also made by many fashion designers as a finishing touch to an outfit. It is also great to combine with accessories such as a handbag or belt. Often, a little bit of glitter is chosen because it best suits the design of the watches. The American designer is no longer indispensable from the streetscape. Despite the fact that he is 62 years old, he is not thinking about stopping yet. In the coming years we can continue to expect beautiful watches of this brand. In addition, they have recently chosen to also make smartwatches. This is becoming increasingly important. You always want to be connected to the phone, but also health tools are increasingly used on watches.

The Michael kors watch for ladies

The Michael kors watch has been a hot item since 2006. Since then, almost all ladies have one or more watches in their collection. Even famous people and fashion designers often combine it with the outfit. Michael Kors has a unique color style and also many variations that you can complete any outfit. We also see for ladies who feel more like a man more rugged models in the collection. Because everyone can be who they want to be, this is an important step for the company to continue to exist in the future. Often gold or pink gold is chosen, but there are also models with a classic leather strap. So it is also a watch for all ages. In the society we see that people from 12-80 years old wear this watch. In the last years of your life you want to look your best and that should also be possible.

The possibilities of a Michael kors watch

There are several possibilities for wearing a Michael Kors watch. You have them in analogue variants, but also in the digital variant, there are some watches to find. These are usually smartwatches that you can also connect to a mobile phone or tablet. In addition, they are just real fashion items that you shine during a night out.

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