What are the costs for a move?

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The costs for a move differ in the approach you choose. If you want to move cheaply it is best to rent a moving van. But what does a move cost and how do you calculate it?
You need to be clear about what needs to be done and how much time this will take. When you have a large house it might be wise to outsource this. A moving company is much faster and often offers a packing service. Within a few days you can be moving while it would take you weeks. They also often arrange moving boxes or containers which can save you money. If you have boxes at home you can better do this yourself.

What are the costs of moving and how can you move cheaply?

On the site of the Consumers' Association you will find several tips to move cheaply with a clear understanding of the costs for a move. First you need to look at what you could do yourself and whether you can get time off work for this. If you choose for a moving company you have to indicate clearly what obstacles are in the way. This way they can make you a sharp offer. Examples of obstacles are a tight parking space or no elevator at the apartment complex.

Extra tips to save money on a move

Sometimes it can be smart to rent a moving lift. You might think these are extra costs but this saves a lot of time and therefore money. You can move faster or get back to your job sooner. Labeling boxes and bags makes sure that you can put everything in the right place right away. You can also move small items to your new home before the move. This will save you valuable time on the day itself. Moreover, you will be able to enjoy your beautiful new home sooner. Last but not least, you need to make sure that you can park your car easily and spaciously enough.

The cost of transport

On average you pay 20 to 50 euros for call-out charges for a move. Also, each employee costs on average 40 euros per hour. Often you have an x number of free kilometers make sure you do not go too far over this. Each additional kilometer costs an average of 0.50 to 1 euro per kilometer and this can quickly run into the papers. Often there is also a parking permit required. Do you not have one because you do not have a car? Then it is wise to apply for one at the municipality. This also costs about 20-50 euros but prevents a more expensive fine. During the weekend most companies raise their rates by 25-75% because there is a lot of demand. So make sure you can do as much as possible during the week and take time off work if necessary.

Indication of costs for the move

Many people ask us what exactly does a move cost? There is no standard answer to this question because many factors play a role. Take for example the amount of furniture and stuff that needs to be moved. But also parking space and the presence of an elevator play a role of time and money. A quote from a removal company is usually for 80 - 100 percent sure. If you indicate everything correctly, the quotation will be correct. In only 10% of the cases is the quote higher, this is often due to incorrect estimation of activities. Also pay attention to any permits from the municipality to avoid a fine.

What are the costs for a removal with a moving van

Depending on the number of kilometers you drive and the model you need, you can often rent a moving van for a reasonable price. For a standard house you pay on average between 25 and 150 euros per day. We recommend to do as much as possible in one time to load. This is because you often have x number of free kilometers per day. But also the costs for a move depend on the insurance you take out for the moving van. The excess also plays a role in determining the price. When you're young, you often pay more than an older person of 30+. This is because among young people the risk of an accident is higher.

Rent a storage box

When you are planning a move and you don't have the space to store everything, it is smart to get a quote from a storage company. Here you can temporarily store your belongings for a fixed amount per month. This is often a solution for a cheap move. And it also ensures that you have less stress in your home and that you can decorate faster. Sometimes the moving company can also temporarily store your belongings. Always ask for the prices in order not to be surprised. Regionally, there are storage units for rent in almost every area. Many of them are accessible 24 hours a day. This allows you to quietly decorate your home after work.

Tips to save on the cost of moving house with children

Children play a big part in the cost of a move. If you haven't notified them in time they can become annoying. These can be valuable hours and a moving company will not wait for this or you will get an hourly bill. So explain to your child what moving is and why they are moving. If necessary, you can go to the new house a few times beforehand. That way they can get used to it. But it also helps to show them that they are getting a bigger or nicer room. Then they will want to be ready as soon as possible on the day of the move. Make sure they get enough attention in the period before the move.

What are the average costs for moving by a removal company?

On average, a removal by a removal company costs between 337 and 2312 euros. It is therefore worthwhile to request a quote from several companies. Make sure you clearly indicate the size of your household effects, as this will largely determine the price. Also look at the conditions such as excess, deposit and insurance. When something breaks during transport you want it to be compensated. This can usually be found in the general conditions of the company. You should also check whether they work with a fixed rate or an hourly rate. Often a fixed price is much cheaper than an hourly rate. This also depends on the number of employees the company sends.

What should you look out for to keep the cost of a move down?

To keep the costs of moving as low as possible it is wise to do as much as possible yourself. When you make sure that you have packed everything properly for the move, it is often done in 4-8 hours. This will not only save you money when you do it yourself but also when you outsource it. When movers have to help packing it costs more time and therefore more money. But if you have a good job that makes you lose more money it is better to outsource the work. It also depends on the size of your furniture. If you have a villa then it is smart to empty it. If you have an apartment you can handle it yourself. So there is no fixed way to move cheaply. 

The advantages of a removal company

If you are looking for a cheap and stress free way of moving then a moving company might be the thing for you. Often they will move you for 800 -1000 euro. This amount is based on a house of 50m2 with 2 employees of the company. When you want to save on these costs you can choose for one employee less. However you will have to do a lot more work yourself and a day off or several days will cost money as well. When you have less stuff to move it is often done faster. Or if it's only big stuff it's often done for 600 euro. It depends on weights and numbers so always ask for several quotations.

What factors affect the cost of a move?

The most important factor in the cost of a move is the number of kilometers that have to be covered. If a moving company is located far away from you or you have to rent a bus in another city, it will quickly cost you a lot of money. Therefore always look for a company close to your home. It can also cost money to park your car. So it is smart to check if there is a permit at the new house. Also hiring extra movers costs money and usually they charge around 40 euros per hour. An urgent move or moving in the weekend also drives up the costs. So try to plan well in order to get a cheap move.

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