Wooden sled

Houten slee

A wooden sled brings many advantages. It is made of a sustainable product. In this way, you contribute to a cleaner and better environment. In addition, wood is a very strong product that can take a beating. In addition, people also sit more comfortably on it. You can also paint it in the colour you want with a special wood paint. There are also models with a backrest which makes it even more comfortable. Besides that it is just a nice sport activity to do during the snow. In most cases you can use a pull cord to move the child on it. It often looks like a bench with some metal strips mounted on the bottom. However, you can also use a cushion for a comfortable ride.

A wooden sledge with backrest

A wooden sled with a backrest is even more comfortable than the standard version. Often there is also a pull cord on it so that the parents can move the children forward. It is also possible to give it your own color. It probably reminds you of that feeling in the past when there were almost only wooden variants. Wood is of a high quality. Of course you can also use the sled for dragging so you do not necessarily need a hill or a mountain. There are also twin sleds available that you can tie together for several children. It is also sometimes used during the winter to move things from one room to another. Of course you can also put a big snowball on it and move it somewhere else.

What makes it so fun?

A wooden sled shows character because of the properties that wood has. Wood comes in different colours and with different structures. There are also special sledges for children. Often these are smaller and lighter models so that children can also use them independently. There are also models that can be folded. You can easily store these during the period that you are not using them. These are also lighter and can be used independently. A sled with metal plates at the bottom of the wood glides best. This ensures a better smoothness and everyone will enjoy it more. You can also move much faster with this sled. This ensures a higher speed and that is what the children especially like. Of course there are also enough sleds for adults. They too sometimes long back to their childhood.

What types of wooden sled are there?

There are various types of the wooden sled. This is because there are different desires among the various target groups. For example, there are many people who want to buy a sled as cheaply as possible. Besides this, there are also sledges that are made of extra high quality wood. These have a perfect finish and are also less prone to rotting. The standard type of wood has to be dried immediately to prevent it from rotting. The more expensive types are often impregnated, which makes them more resistant. You can also choose to have metal plates mounted on the bottom. This ensures a higher speed and a better sliding effect. There are also models that have a protection cap. These prevent damage to the sled so you can enjoy it for years.

The special wooden sled for children

For children, there are a lot of types of the wooden sled. After all, they have different lengths and, of course, they also have a certain number of wishes. More and more we see the version that is equipped with a backrest. In addition, the sled often has a metal connecting rod that ensures that you have a good sturdiness on the sled. Many companies also apply a layer of varnish to the wood to ensure that the wood can breathe well and does not rot quickly. It is wise to have this done yearly or to do it yourself. This way you can enjoy this sled for a long time. Usually you can find the sled in a children's toy store. If you still have trouble with it, there are plenty of people selling their old sled online. There are also many online department stores that sell this item. The advantage of selling online is that you can see what people think of the sled.

Why this is such a spectacle during the winter

During the winter, a wooden sled is a real spectacle. This is because in the past they did not know any other variations. Just watch your grandpa and grandma how you see them smile when you are at their door doing this. It is a piece of nostalgia where families often come closer together. In addition, there is usually something tasty to snack on afterwards. This can be a nice cup of hot chocolate, but also a delicious bowl of pea soup. It is those real winter days that connect people in society. You also see many other children on the street making snowmen or throwing snowballs. It is not for nothing that the children call it the most beautiful time of the year.

What sizes do you have of the wooden sled?

You have a wooden sled in various shapes and sizes. The perfect example is the one we know classically for children. In addition, another example is the one for adults. There are also variants where you have a backrest. To make it extra luxurious you can for example choose to mount a cushion or use beanbag material. This ensures optimal driving comfort for both young and old. Besides that, you also see more and more people painting their own sled in a nice color. Because of this you see the most fun and new variants. There are people who make a true work of art out of it. Also NEON colours are coming back more and more.

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