What should you look for when buying a 4k laptop?


At the time when you are working or have school, you cannot avoid buying a laptop. Having a laptop available can also be important in everyday life. However, there are some things to consider when buying a new laptop. 

Most people when they buy a new laptop do want one that has a little bit of speed to it. This is because a fast laptop ensures that you don't have to wait for the laptop to start up or open programs. For this reason, there are some things you can look out for when you want to buy a new laptop. 

The processor

The moment you want to buy a laptop, actually the first thing you should look at is the processor. This is because this is actually the beating heart of the laptop. How good a processor is determines whether you are dealing with a laptop that is suitable for a particular job. 

For surfing the Internet, processing texts or watching movies, it is possible to use any processor though. The better the processor is, the faster the laptop will work as well. However, with a better processor, you will also face more costs. This is then a bit of a trade-off you have to make. 

There are a number of times when it is important to have an excellent processor. For example, it is important to have a good processor if you want to edit photos and videos. For this, it is therefore best to buy a 4k laptop with an excellent processor. This is because that way you can be sure that it will also work well. This is very important to be sure. 

It is also important to have a good processor for playing games. This is because it makes it possible to play games at the highest speed. Many people find it important to have good quality when gaming as well. Here is where this is the case. 

The hard drive

Also, the hard drive is very important to look at. This is because there are really only two options when it comes to a hard drive. For example, it is possible to use an HDD drive or an SSD drive. An SSD drive is actually always the best one to go for. This is because this is the fastest drive to use. 

A fast laptop actually always has an SSD drive. This is because an SSD drive can take a minute to do a task where an HDD drive takes more than a minute. Often it is for an SSD drive to solve things in 15 sec where an HDD drive can take more than a minute. 

Of course, the amount of files on the disk also affects how fast it works. This is because a disk that is completely full of files is a whole lot slower than one that still has a lot of space. This is therefore something you need to take into account. 

Almost every laptop uses an SSD or an HDD drive. However, there is one exception to this. This is because Chromebooks use a flash drive instead of SSD or HDD. Since a Chromebook requires relatively little disk space and power, a flash drive is enough for this. However, these drives are only sufficient for processing texts or e-mail. 

What is HDD disk?

HDD is also known as an English abbreviation for Hard Disk Drive. It is a storage device used in various devices. The drive works by means of a magnetic metal disk. The disk rotates like a record player. Through the read and write arm, the HDD disk is read and processed. 

The rotation of the disk is the one thing you hear when you have it in a 4k laptop. This is a kind of buzzing sound that many people recognize. The physical searching of the HDD drive's read and write arm also causes it to make a noise. For this reason, an HDD drive is a fairly noisy form of storage in a computer. 

With an HDD drive you have the advantage that you usually don't have to pay much money for it. You also have the advantage that it is possible to have more storage on it than on an SSD drive. Therefore, these drives can come in handy if you need a lot of storage. 

An HDD drive also has some major drawbacks. For example, the drive is fairly easy to damage. This is because of the moving parts. If this is not handled properly, there is a chance that it will break down quickly. Furthermore, the drives are relatively slow compared to an SSD drive. 

What is an SSD drive?

SSD is an English acronym that stands for Solid State Drive. This really just means that an SSD has no moving parts. This makes it a solid state drive. On an SSD drive, data is stored in a number of flash memory chips. Storing the data is done through an electric current. Because of this, an SSD drive is almost 4 times faster than an HDD drive. 

With an SSD drive, however, you do have the disadvantage that these can quickly start to cost a lot of money if you want a lot of storage. Furthermore, compared to an HDD drive, there can be less memory on it. For this reason, these drives are ideal if you need to access your data quickly. 

An SSD drive also has some disadvantages compared to an HDD drive. For example, an SSD drive has relatively little storage space compared to an HDD drive. This is because an SSD drive has around 4 TB as its maximum storage space. With an HDD drive, this can be as much as 18 TB. 

Working memory

When buying a fast 4k laptop, it is also important to make sure that you have a good working memory. This is because the working memory of a 4k laptop also makes whether it is fast or not. The working memory of a 4k laptop is also called the RAM memory. 

RAM is an English abbreviation. This stands for Random Access Memory. These come in the form of small bars that are essential for using a 4k laptop or a computer. This is because this is where the 4k laptop's processor temporarily stores data for subsequent use. The more working memory found in your 4k laptop, the more things it can handle at the same time. 

The moment you are looking for the amount of working memory for your 4k laptop, there are some rules of thumb you can look at. For example, for surfing the Internet or processing texts, 8 GB of working memory is sufficient. For editing photos, playing games and editing videos, it is recommended to have 16 GB or more of working memory. 

The operating system

The moment you want to buy a 4k laptop, it is also important to look at the operating system. This is because there are different operating systems that you can use. There are actually three fixed operating systems that are used. 

So first you have Windows which is the most widely used and also the most common to use. Also, you have MacOS. This is the operating system of Apple laptops. Furthermore, you have ChromeOS. This is the operating system of Google laptops, also called Chromebooks. 


Windows has actually been the most popular operating system to use since the beginning of computers. Because of this, these systems also come in different price ranges from high to low. This also makes it one of the most accessible operating systems to make use of. 

The downside to Windows, however, is that it is a relatively heavy operating system. This means that this can sometimes cause problems with inexpensive laptops. This is because it can make them very slow if not done properly. 


MacOS is also known as Apple's operating system. This operating system is actually only available on Apple laptops. These laptops are also called Macbooks. So if you want to use this, you can only use Apple. It is also only possible to connect an Apple phone to this. 

However, MacOS also has some advantages over other operating systems. This is because it is a relatively fast, reliable and stable system. This makes it a system that is easy for many users to use. 

The downside to this, however, is that you have to put down a lot of money for a Macbook. This is because they are expensive laptops. However, in most cases you get good quality in return. This is a consideration you must make. For a cheap Macbook you easily pay 1199, - euros. 

With MacOS it is possible to do all the tasks you could do with Windows. However, for this you need another program to use. This is because Windows applications cannot be found on MacOS.


ChromeOS is a relatively new operating system. This is because Chromebooks have not been around very long. Chromebooks are actually mainly aimed at laptop users who do not perform heavy tasks on their 4k laptops. Therefore, Chromebooks are relatively inexpensive compared to other laptops. 

However, the downside to a Chromebook is that you have to deal with a fairly slow laptop if you also want to perform heavy tasks. Chromebooks are therefore mainly suitable for processing texts and surfing the Internet. For other tasks, you are better off choosing another laptop. 

The display of the 4k laptop

The moment you want to buy a laptop, it is of course also important to have a nice screen that you can look at. This is because most people do not like looking at a screen where they can still see the pixels. 

This is why Full HD is actually used for every computer today. However, it is especially important what is behind this. It is best to choose an IPS screen. An IPS panel ensures a reliable screen on your laptop. 

If you do video editing with your laptop, it is usually useful to choose the best monitor. After all, that way you can also render the video in the highest quality. Here, in most cases, it is best to choose a 4k laptop. 

The graphics card

The moment you buy a laptop, the graphics card is nowadays embedded in the processor. This is sufficient in most cases. However, there are times when it is better to choose a laptop with a separate graphics card. 

It is especially important to have this if you want to use your laptop for playing games as well. This is because games need a lot of graphics memory to play at a good quality. Having a good graphics card can also be useful for rendering videos. 

If you think you will need this, it is best to choose a good graphics card that you can still put in the laptop separately. Sometimes it is also possible to buy a laptop that already contains this graphics card. If you are going to buy a graphics card for a laptop yourself, it is advisable to go for the best. 

There are many graphics cards on the market. However, if you want to have the best of the best, your best choice is an NVIDIA GeForce GTX or an NVIDIA GeForce RTX. Which card is best for this depends mainly on the games you want to play on it. 

Screen size

Many people don't think of this first when it comes to buying a laptop, but screen size is also important to consider. This is because screen size takes care of a number of different things. 

Screen size comes in especially handy if you plan to use the laptop a lot. This is because the screen of a laptop has a big impact on a number of things. Especially if you plan to work with it, it is important to take this into account. 

For example, while working, it is important for your eyes to have a medium to large screen. This is because this ensures that you do not have to stare at the screen as much. The moment you start staring at the screen, chances are that your eyes will deteriorate quickly. This, of course, is something you want to avoid as much as possible. This is because it means there is a chance that you will have to get glasses. Glasses can help you see, but there is a chance in doing so that they will deteriorate even further. 

The moment you use a laptop occasionally and mainly take it with you to different locations, it is not necessary to have a large screen. Therefore, it is best to choose a compact screen with a compact laptop. That way, it is a whole lot easier to take it everywhere. 

Pay attention to why you are buying the laptop

The moment you buy a laptop, it is important to think about what you are buying the laptop for. This is because this ensures that you can be sure that you will be able to use the laptop for a long time. Similarly, it is important to think fairly far in advance. The moment you think you are going to use a laptop a lot for heavy programs or actions, it is best to buy a powerful laptop. 

If you feel that you will be traveling a lot, it is best to choose a compact laptop. This will ensure that you have more security with the laptop you want to buy. The moment you have the idea that you will do more things with your laptop later on, it is best to buy a better laptop with an eye on the future. This will make it possible for you to buy a laptop that will benefit you for years to come. 

Often it is to buy a laptop with the next 5 years in mind. In fact, the moment you buy a laptop, you usually use it for 5 years and then replace it with another laptop after this. If you have made a good purchase, you can sometimes last even longer with this. However, it is best to keep your eyes on 5 years for a laptop. After all, this is the most convenient thing to consider. 

The laptop you buy should also be tailored to what you are going to use it for. Therefore, the moment you are going to use it for a specific purpose, it should stroke with this. That way, you won't make a wrong purchase either. 

What should you look for when buying physical gold?

Physical gold

When you buy gold physically you can often have it tested to see if it's real gold and what kind it is. Most jewelry stores that sell gold only deal with recognized suppliers. This way you, as a customer, are assured of a real product. Buying gold can also serve as an investment. That's why providers often give a buy-back guarantee. This way you are assured of a large part of the value when you want to sell it again. Buying gold coins is also increasing in popularity. The value is not only determined by the gold value, but also by the number of copies and the history of the coin.

What determines the price for buying gold physically or online?

When you buy gold physically or online you don't want to pay too much. However, a piece of gold jewelry is not only valued on its gold value but also on the number of hours spent on it. For some works of art the designers need a lot of time and that costs more money. A goldsmith can explain the ratio so you know what the gold might be worth later. The bigger your purchase, the lower the price. This is because the production process can be accelerated.

What should you pay attention to when buying gold online?

When you choose to buy gold online you need to pay attention to the following things. Does the provider have a physical address and a KvK registration? There are many scammers who only offer a phone number, but this is meaningless when returning the gold. You can also see on the Internet whether they are under the supervision of AFM. This shows you that the value is monitored and that it is safe to buy gold online. But you also have seals of approval such as the web shop seal of approval or trusted e-shops. This means that it is a trusted and verified organization that you do business with.

Where can you buy physical gold?

Most towns and cities offer an opportunity to buy or sell gold at a jeweller's or jewelry store. But there are also gold buyers who sell jewelry, coins and other things made of gold at a nice price. A gold object is also a kind of investment and that's why these organizations fall under the supervision of the AFM. It doesn't normally concern large amounts and there has to remain an honest trade. The advantage of buying physical is that you can try it on. This way you know immediately if it fits well and if it's not too heavy on your arm with a bracelet.

Why do people buy gold online?

Buying gold online is becoming increasingly popular. It's just a little bit faster online than buying gold physically in a store. You also have plenty of time to look at what you want. There is no one in line to look, so you can admire each item at your leisure. You can also choose to safely store the gold at EBN Netherlands. This secure location is located in Rotterdam. If you do not wear it often but still want to be able to wear it whenever you want then this is an ideal solution. You will not have sleepless nights worrying about the gold that is in the house for burglars and thieves.

What are the advantages of buying physical gold?

The biggest advantage of buying physical gold is that you can hold it in your hands for a while. This gives you a feeling with the jewelry. Besides that you also know the weight on your arm or ears so you can't make a wrong purchase. You can also feel the difference between different gold elements. This way you know what feels best for you and very suitable for people who want to have a feeling with the gold objects. Often a gold office has several shops and they can also send some gold to you internally. This way you can often choose from jewelry or other gold objects from different regions. This not only saves on fuel but also on time.

What can you buy in gold?

There are many things that you can buy online or physically that are made of gold. You can buy a piece of art or a statue that is made entirely or partially of gold. But you can also find jewelry and watches made of gold. Or what about the coin collector? He or she scours the internet and shops daily for new valuables. The value of gold differs per country. It depends on the supply in the countries and what the gold price is doing on the exchange. You can also choose to order from a trusted e-shop abroad.

What is the value of gold?

The fixed value of gold is difficult to determine. Often the physical store uses a lower price for buying or selling gold. This is because they also want security and have to pay rent and such. On the internet you only have to pay for the hosting of your website and the safekeeping of your gold valuables. But this doesn't have to be the case everywhere. When you have a good running shop, you can make the prices higher and thus give more for your gold. It is therefore useful to inquire about the gold prices at different shops before you leave. You will see this back in your wallet later on.

Buying gold jewellery physically or online

People prefer to buy gold jewelry physically as well as online. This is because you can immediately see the result of how it looks on you or your loved one. But it also has the advantage that you experience the weight. One piece of jewelry weighs more than the other and you do not want it to become a block on your arm or ear. But you also have different thicknesses and when you first start buying gold, physical is recommended. In most shops there are experts that can advise you what to do best. Not only in terms of weight but also in terms of styling.

Why people buy gold

People buy gold physically in stores as a piece of jewelry or as an investment. If you choose to buy it as an investment, you're already speculating on the gold price. In recent years the price of gold has been rising steadily, making it a worthwhile investment. It provides, as it were, a piece of fiscal security for the future. Buying gold physically is a great choice because there is no interference from intermediaries or traders, which means you can get more out of it.

The value of buying physical gold

Buying gold physically is much more profitable than doing it online. There are no middlemen or people who pocket part of the price. It also has more value than the paper money you have in your wallet. The value of paper money is only decreasing because there is actually too much of it in the world. Gold has had a value that goes up and down for thousands of years, but in recent times it has become more valuable. It's also the most valuable commodity in the world for a reason.

What kind of physical gold should you buy to make a profit?

When you buy physical gold it's best to pay attention to the weight. The weight is the value of the gold price. But old gold jewelry and objects are also worth a lot. This may be because there is a name attached to it. But it may also be because of its nostalgic value and what it may have meant to society. Therefore, do not sell your superfluous gold on a whim but wait until a unique and good buyer presents himself. However, a smaller denomination makes it easier to trade. This is because it is universal and there are more buyers who want and can buy it.

Buy gold physically and online from recognised producers

When you buy gold physically or online it is important that it is checked for authenticity. But you can also look for recognized products that are supervised by disinterested organizations. That way you know that certain aspects are checked regularly. Most gold offices buy their goods from recognized producers. But when it comes to an older item, the buyers also look at the authenticity. The authenticity is often recorded in an authenticity declaration. This is probably the most important factor in determining the value.

Buy physical gold from a reliable party

It is a good idea to do research before you buy gold. Often the big names are also a reliable party to buy physical gold. They probably have years of experience in trading and can therefore offer the best price. But in addition they also advise people with styling and investment advice. Many of these shops also have a license from the AFM. This shows that you can buy your gold products from a reliable partner. The value of gold is usually stable, but has had some ups and downs in recent years. Fortunately, we now only see an upward trend.

What kind of guarantee can you get when buying physical gold

When you go to buy physical gold, many providers will give a generous discount. But they can also set a price when you want to sell it. This gives you an indication of value and an idea if it's a worthwhile investment. Usually you pay not only for the weight of gold but also for the hours of the jewelry maker. But of course this price is also the profit for the entrepreneur who sells it calculated. And what about the rent and storage costs. These costs are also high for the seller of the gold and this is of course passed on to the customer. After all, it also has to be stored safely, for example against theft.