How do you write a letter?


It is important to be able to write a good letter. In fact, in some cases it is necessary to send a message by mail. Many people see this as something old-fashioned. However, it can be something fun to do. However, not everyone knows how to write a letter. 

The type of letter

The moment you want to write a letter, the first important thing to consider is the type of letter you want to write. In fact, there are two types of letters you can write. For example, you have a business letter and a commercial letter. For both, it can be helpful to know how to go about it. 

Business letter writing

In everyday life, you will mostly encounter the business letter. This is because it is still fairly commonly used. Especially if you have contact with a company, it is important to know how to handle it. Writing a business letter can get you hired at a particular company or business. 

A business letter is intended for someone with whom you have a business relationship. These can be different types of relationships. The style and content of the letter should be written formally. Because of this, it is important not to write too personally and not too amicably. This is because this is something a company may reject you for. Furthermore, you should also not come across as angry or rude. 

The purpose of a business letter

A business letter always has a clear purpose. In most cases, this is to get information in the form of information about a course, a product or subscription. Furthermore, it is also possible to raise an objection in a business letter. 

However, there is a third form of a business letter that is widely used. This form is one of the most important forms to have under control. Namely, this is the cover letter. This is because it allows you to be hired by a company. 

Writing a business letter

 The moment you start writing a business letter, you always have to deal with a certain format that you have to stick to. The format ensures that it is possible to keep a clear overview of the letter. The format involves an introduction, a middle section and a conclusion. 

The introduction is the beginning of a business letter. The introduction is where you are supposed to introduce yourself. Furthermore, it is important to put in here what the reason for writing the letter is. After all, for a company it is useful to know this. 

The middle section contains the elaboration of all the information. Here you work out different subtopics in different paragraphs. Furthermore, it is possible to give an explanation of the introduction. It is also possible to add some examples and arguments in the middle section. 

The conclusion of the letter is the last part of the business letter. In the closing, your intention is to reiterate the purpose of the letter. Furthermore, the purpose of a closing sentence is to incorporate what exactly you expect from the recipient of the letter. 

Commercial letter writing

Just about the opposite of a business letter is a commercial letter. In fact, a commercial letter is a letter that a company can address to customers or to other businesses. This makes it possible for a company to gain new customers or to regain the interest of existing customers. 

Mnemonic for a commercial letter

The moment you want to write a commercial letter, there is actually a fairly easy mnemonic that you can remember when writing the letter. This mnemonic is AIDA. This is the structure used for the commercial letter. 

Therefore, when you need to write a commercial letter, it is important to put this mnemonic in your mind. AIDA also stands for Attention, Interest, Dreams and Action. This names the different goals of parts of letters. 

The purpose of the first paragraph is to attract attention. Therefore, this is what the first A stands for. You can attract attention by writing something that is interesting to the target audience you have in mind. It is also possible to write something that generates interest. It is also possible to accomplish this by using an image. 

In the second paragraph, the goal is to arouse the reader's interest. You do this by offering an offer as personal and customer-oriented as possible. The idea is to name it so nicely that the customer feels he or she must have this product. 

In the third paragraph, the idea is to make the customer dream. You do this by naming the benefits of a product or service. This makes customers more likely to take advantage of it. 

In the fourth paragraph, the goal is to move the customer to action. Action is responding to the offer you made to the customer in the second paragraph. Here the goal is to move the customer to action in the way you want them to. 

Writing an envelope

Writing a letter also involves writing an envelope. This is because writing an envelope ensures that you can actually put the letter in the mail. The moment you want to put a letter in the mail, envelope writing is important to do first. 

By doing envelope writing, it is possible for the mail to know where the letter is going. For this reason, it is also important to know how to tackle envelope writing. In fact, for some people this can still be quite a tricky job to do. 

Writing the address

Writing an envelope always begins with the address to which the letter is to be sent. The length of the address may take from 3 lines to 6 lines. The address lines have a fixed order that must be followed in order for everything to go well. 

Thus, it starts with the name of the person the letter is intended for. After this comes the street name and house number. Instead of this, it is also possible to put the post office box and post office box number on it. Finally, it is intended to put the postal code and city name on the letter. 

Return address

In case you are not sure if you are dealing with the correct addressing or because you want to make it possible to return the letter, it is possible to write a return address on the envelope. You do this by putting your name, your address and your zip code with city name on the back. 

This also allows the person receiving the letter to return it to you. It can be very convenient to take advantage of this. Especially if a letter is sent to the wrong address, it is important to know the address where the letter came from. 


When sending a letter, you also always have to deal with stamps. This is because it is not possible to send a letter without sticking a stamp on it. When sticking a stamp, it is also important to make sure that you stick it the right way. This is because otherwise the letter cannot be sent properly. Therefore, pasting a stamp is an important part of envelope writing. 

It is always the intention to place the stamps in the upper right corner. This is because that way the letter carrier knows that it is a letter to be sent in the Netherlands. This will increase the chances that the letter will arrive correctly at the person you sent it to. This is of course very important to know for sure if you want to send a letter. 

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