All you need to know about the Scaevola


Are you planning to purchase a Scaevola soon? Then, of course, it would be helpful if you know a thing or two about caring for the flowers. Believe me: it is not very difficult. But if you want to buy the Scaevola, then it would be useful to know a few things about the flower. For example, they usually grow in tropical temperatures. That's something you do need to be able to anticipate. So are you curious about all the ins and outs of this flower? Then don't hesitate to read on! 

The importance of temperature, humidity and light

An important element is temperature. The flower becomes most beautiful when it is in a place where it is about 70 to 85 degrees F. A much lower temperature is anything but favorable for the Scaevola. So really make sure you put the flower in the right place, at the right temperature. 

In addition to temperature being important, light is also crucial. Provide a little bit of light, but especially not too much. So don't give them a spot in the shade.

Instead, give less water to your Scaevola

Many plants are happiest just enough moisture, but for Scaevola plants just the opposite is true. In fact, the plant would much rather be dry than wet. Of course, the idea is to give the plants enough water. However, the plant does not need that much water. So this is perfect for anyone who has trouble watering plants regularly. Why do they need so little water? This has to do with the fact that if these plants are in wet soil, they are more susceptible to attracting fungus. This, of course, is something you want to avoid. 

This is how to pot and transplant

But what exactly about potting and transplanting? It is important that the plants have a lightweight pot mix. This is because they need this to grow well. In addition, it is not necessary to repot the Scaevola. So that's a good thing too!

This is how Scaevola plants reproduce

Are you planning to propagate the Scaevola? Then you can do this by cutting the leaves in a certain way. Thus, at the end of the summer season you can take scaevola cuttings from a stem that does not bloom. In this way, you can overwinter the plants. Growing scaevola in containers

It is possible to grow Scaevola in containers. It is then common to place them at the edge of the pots. As they start to grow, they will then start hanging off the sides. Want to go all out? Then you could also combine the plant with other plants and flowers. This way it becomes a beautiful whole. Again, water as little as possible.

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