Marianne Rosenberg

Marianne Rosenberg

Marianne Rosenberg is a German singer known to many people. She sang the popular song ich bin wie du. She doesn't have this vocation from a stranger because her father was also a musician. She started at a young age of only 15 when she was discovered during a talent show. She is also one of the few women to have created a song together with Paul McCartney. She also participated in the Eurovision song contest of '76 with Lieder der nacht. In the gay scene her songs are still very popular. She has participated in the preliminaries of the Eurovision song contest several times. From 1993 she disappeared from the spotlight for a while. In 2009 and 2014 she made a comeback with her songs from the old days.

How is Marianne Rosenberg now?

The German Marianne Rosenberg was hit hard by the virus at the beginning of the corona crisis. Fortunately the 65 year old singer noticed the symptoms in an early stage. She not only tested positive but also had severe flu symptoms. After three weeks of quarantine, she has almost completely recovered. Fortunately, during this difficult period, her friends and family were there for her. They took good care of the famous singer. Meanwhile, the singer is getting better. Fortunately, she doesn't have any heavy after-effects of the corona contamination. Whether we'll be able to see her on stage any time soon remains to be seen. Nothing has been announced yet, but maybe this will happen when everything is open again.

How was her career?

The career of pop singer Marianne Rosenberg started early at the age of 15. It wasn't something she didn't know because her father was a musician too. She recorded several singles and was regularly in the top 50 of the Dutch and Flemish music charts. She even stayed at number 1 for a week and then at number 2 for a few weeks. This was quite unique for that time because the top positions changed almost every week. She was known for her disco hits. She also participated a few times in the preliminaries of the Eurovision song contest. This did not have the success that was expected. In the years that followed she recorded a few more songs, but eventually decided to stop. Her big comeback in 2014 was also unfortunately not as successful as expected. However, she remains a great icon especially for the gay world and gay top 100.

Which languages did Marianne Rosenberg sing?

In the beginning Marianne Rosenberg only sang German schlager. These were not as popular in her own country as in the surrounding countries. Especially in Holland and Belgium she was an icon for the society. Here she performed regularly for about ten years. In 1989 she tried to change tack. She then chose to make an English song. However, the results were disappointing and she decided to take it easy for a while. In 2004 she also made new productions of her old songs. These were very popular for a short time, especially in the Netherlands. She got help from the big names of the time who made sure things went very differently for her. She ended up in the top 100 in her own country with this. In 2019 she released a new single that again ended up in the top 100 of the German charts. The expectation is that we will see her again when the pandemic is over. Meanwhile, she is already 65, but she certainly has no desire to stop singing.

Why is she so popular in the gay world?

In the gay world, we see a lot of people listening to German Schlagers, including Marianne Rosenberg. It is cheerful, but also a little bit wrong music for this time. The wrong songs are well appreciated by the men and the women in this target group. Marianne has no trouble with this at all. This was precisely the motivation for her to release a new song in 2019. Because she herself had a corona infection in 2020, she is still very careful at the moment. However, we still expect her to tour with the new song through countries like the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium when the pandemic is stable. She has built a great career in these countries and she certainly doesn't feel too old for this.

What did Marianne Rosenberg mean to us?

Marianne Rosenberg was a true pop idol, especially for the Dutch and Flemish youth and adults. With her self-willed German Schlagers, which also contained a touch of disco, she reached the top of the charts several times. However, this did not always go down well in Germany where she actually sings for. In 2004 she tried a different approach with an English song. This was no success at all. Fortunately, this woman doesn't give up easily and 2 years ago she released a world hit in Germany. Especially in Germany and the Dutch gay culture this song is played completely grey. Also the old songs of her are getting more and more popular.

What can we expect next from Marianne Rosenberg?

We expect Marianne Rosenberg to perform again when the corona crisis has subsided a bit. The German singer was infected herself at the beginning of this pandemic so she knows exactly what kind of consequences it can have. However, she's nowhere near ready for retirement, even though she's almost the age for it. This woman is still far too lively and energetic for her age. The fans can't wait for her to get back on stage.

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