Camping with the forester


Camping with the forester is the way to completely unwind. The ranger can lead you through nature and tell you all about it. Studies have shown that walking in nature reduces stress levels and increases the happiness hormone. Besides that you can not only go there in high season but also in winter. Several nature reserves are then transformed into camping grounds. You can get delicious hot chocolate and mulled wine. There are also pop up campsites. For example, only during the high or low season tents are set up for visitors. The possibilities in summer often include breakfast and you can sometimes also book a lunch or dinner.

Why camp with the forester in winter?

Winter camping is a new way of camping with the forester. During the winter camps the enjoyment of camping is even more. This is because there is fraternization and you can drink delicious hot drinks with each other. It is also better to admire the starry sky because it is much darker. But also the winter sun is an experience never to forget. So you also get a better resistance because you bivouac in the cold. So it is not only cozy but also healthy. In the winter there are unfortunately no options for pole camping. This because of the dangers of hypothermia and that there is less supervision.

Where can you camp with the forester?

If you go camping with a forester, you do this of course on nature grounds. In the Netherlands there are more than 22 nature parks run by Staatsbosbeheer. Take your own original tent and place it literally in the middle of nature. This is an experience you have never had before. You will be able to relax completely and enjoy the many species of animals that can be found there. Most nature campsites have a toilet block and electricity.
But there are some where you don't have this.

Back to the old normal

So you can go back in time and enjoy the silence without a phone. With some regularity pop up campsites are also set up. These are only temporary because nature also needs to be able to breed and live. The nice thing about this is that you get breakfast every morning and coffee and tea all day.

What makes this a unique experience?

Because you come to the ranger and he knows the terrain you have a unique place to camp. He or she will also guide you through nature so you can get to know more animals and plants. But it also contributes to the general development and gives a lot of rest. You actually go back thousands of years in time. Many generations before us lived the way we do now. In this way, you learn to realize what kind of preferred position we are in. It teaches us to take a moment to be grateful for what we already have.

On which campsites can you camp with the forest ranger?

In the Netherlands you can camp with a forester at 22 nature reserves. Some of these places even have wild animals in the vicinity. Of course this happens under controlled supervision but it is a unique experience. Sometimes there are even nature pools or swimming pools nearby where you can go with the children. Or how about enjoying the peace and quiet between the Wadden Sea and North Sea. Enough possibilities and there is something for both young and old to experience.

Pop up camping with the forest ranger

Some nature reserves are not suitable for year-round camping with a forest ranger. That's why there are several pop up campsites to find. As an example the pop up campsite in Terschelling. Here you can enjoy the nature with pop up tents during the summer months. They even put up a tarp tent where you can get beer, wine and soda. You can also reserve a lunch or dinner in advance. And of course the terrain is equipped with sanitary facilities and electricity. You also get 2 bikes which you can use to explore the area. And every morning a delicious breakfast is included.

What is pole camping and can it be done by the forester?

Pole camping was an option with the forester. However, there is the corona crisis for chosen to stop this indefinitely. This form of camping is done within 10 meters of a pole. However, the enforcement of this is an intensive task for the forester so it is not feasible to make this possible everywhere. Usually there is a limit of maximum 72 hours of camping. This is to give others the chance to camp on the most beautiful place in nature. Never forget to take a garbage bag with you because there are high fines for leaving garbage behind.

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