Why does the toilet keep running?

Why does the toilet keep running

When a toilet flushes, this is often due to the float. If it does not function properly, this causes a great waste of water. When there is dirt or lime scale in the toilet, it will continue to run. The water supply does not work anymore and it will continue to pump water. It is therefore wise to clean it with some regularity. The problem can also be caused by a defective flushing mechanism. Here you can replace the rubbers or install a new mechanism. Check all the parts inside the toilet so you can find the problem.

How does a toilet work?

When a toilet keeps on running, you can find many tips on the internet. Because every toilet has a different construction, you should first look at how your toilet flows. When you flush, you will see a large amount of water appear and when the water level drops, the knob will spring back. If you have a lever or other mechanism you can see that it has finished flushing. This is because the float valve is connected to the water tank which ensures that water comes through. A toilet will not overflow because there is usually an overflow connected to the cistern.

Find your own solution to a toilet that keeps on running

If your toilet keeps running after flushing, it's probably time to give it a thorough cleaning. You can often see in the water tank whether there is dirt or lime scale present. You can also remove the float so that all the water is drained off. This way you can clean it completely. When lime or dirt sticks to valves or water taps you get a blockage. This is not for nothing the most common problem. Use cleaning vinegar or a descaling agent to remedy this. You can also let it soak overnight so that everything comes loose. Then flush the toilet a few times so all the dirt can be removed.

The toilet is still running

When the problem is not solved, it is wise to turn off the water tap so you can start looking for another cause. This way you can examine the bottom valve or bottom tray. When you see that it doesn't close properly you have found the cause. So clean it thoroughly and let the detergent soak in. It can also be the rubber ring in the mechanism of the bottom valve. You can replace this by getting the right size at a plumbing shop or hardware store. The ring in the float can also be worn out. This you can also get at these stores.

WC keeps running due to defective flushing mechanism

When the flush mechanism is defective, your toilet may continue to flush. You can find this out by checking whether the flush button or handle sticks. It is also possible that the membrane of the bell is worn out. You can replace it yourself by going to a hardware store and buying a new one. When you see that the whole clock does not work, it is wise to call a plumber. He or she has already fixed a toilet that keeps on running. So they can see if it needs to be repaired or they will replace it completely.

If you're at a loss as to what to do with a toilet.

If a toilet continues to run, the problem may also be with the adjustment of the float. So thoroughly check the water level at which the float moves. This is a common error that you can easily adjust yourself. There is an adjusting screw attached to the float with which you do this. Make sure you do this with small turns because otherwise it changes too much. This is a precise job. Check the operation by playing through a few times. It is also possible that there are holes in the float membrane. You can buy a new one at a hardware store.
Do the above solutions not solve the problem of a toilet that keeps running?
Then call in a plumber! He or she has years of experience in the industry, so they can check more parts as well.

Built-in toilet keeps running

If your toilet keeps on running, it is often more complicated than a normal toilet. It usually starts with the inner workings of the flush-mounted toilet. You can't get in there without taking the tiles out of the wall. It is therefore not easy and a lot of work to repair. The advice is to work from the outside inwards. If this doesn't work, there is no other option than to remove the tiles from the wall. If this is not the cause of the problem you better call a plumber. Removing a cistern is a lot of work and often cheaper to do. Mounting a cistern is nice but when it fails it's a lot of work and expensive.

Step-by-step plan when the toilet keeps running

When your toilet keeps on running, it is wise to first turn off the water supply. Find out where the stopcock is and turn it off completely. Often the water tap is in the meter cupboard. If you rent a house, you could also ask the landlord. Then remove the flap from the sink so you can locate the problem. It could be several things. Often it is the float valve or a leather that is broken. But the membrane or the mechanism can also be defective. When you have too much doubt it is always wise to consult a plumber. When you do something wrong, you can't reverse it and you run the risk of having to replace the entire toilet. Be careful and when in doubt, call a plumber.

Remove dirt or limescale when a toilet keeps on running

When a toilet keeps on running, this can often be caused by dirt or lime residue. You can clean these yourself. First make sure you have shut off the water supply and that the cistern is empty. Then use vinegar or another descaling agent and let it soak into the parts. It is also wise to let it stand overnight. This gives the agent a chance to soak in. The stronger the agent, the better it cleans. So don't be too economical because it's cheaper than a new toilet. The next day, flush the toilet a few times so that all the dirt or lime can be removed. Always check your work and repeat if necessary. If you haven't done anything to it for years, this may take a few days.

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