What is sous vide?

Sous vide ribeye

Sous vide is mainly known from the ribeye. In the Netherlands this is also known as vacuum cooking. This is mostly done with meat but can also be done with vegetables. The meat or vegetables are packed in a bag and heated to a maximum of 100 degrees Celsius. The big advantage of this is that you don't have to do much yourself and therefore you don't have to stress. But the meat is also al dente by the low temperatures and you get a unique taste experience. So you no longer need to go to an expensive restaurant. You can easily make the dishes from the starred restaurants at home.

Preparing a sous vide steak

What you need to make a sous vide steak or ribeye is a bag or a sous vide pan. When you want to make a crispy version of this steak or ribeye it is wise to keep the temperature between 50 and 70 degrees Celsius. At 50 degrees Celsius it is still nice and red inside, at 60 degrees Celsius it is medium and therefore al dente. But at 70 degrees Celsius you have made it well done and crispy. The only thing you have to do is season it and prepare it sous vide. Use oil instead of butter to get a nicer color. Then you can complete the dish yourself with fries or a salad.

How to prepare a ribeye sous vide?

Preparing a ribeye sous vide is the most delicious recipe you can have at home. You only have to season it and prepare it with a vacuum bag or sous vide pan. This will save you a lot of time and stress. Originally you prepared it in a vacuum bag which you put in a water bath. It is very similar to preparing chocolate au bain marie. You can also choose to cook it in a steam oven. Depending on the space you have in your kitchen, you can prepare it the way you like it best.

Taste of sous vide ribeye

The taste of a sous vide ribeye is many times stronger and tastier. This is because vitamins, flavors and aromas are preserved by the vacuum sealing of the product, so there can be no loss of flavor. In addition, it is also a fun way of cooking with the kids to do. They learn in a safe and unique way how to prepare meat. With a splashing pan with oil or butter, parents are often careful and this is not necessary when you cook sous vide.

The history of sous vide ribeye

The first ribeye that was prepared sous vide happened approximately in 1974-1975. This method was originally invented in 1799 but never taken into use by the society. In 1960 this method was introduced again but due to the industrial food preparation it was soon taken off the market again. In 1979, the sous vide preparation reached its breakthrough and we enjoy it more and more today. Also, you don't waste vitamins which is better for your health. But you also can not burn what often happens to impatient people. Previously, this way of cooking a lasting hobby. You had to buy all kinds of expensive equipment. But today, many more people do sous vide cooking. Therefore, the price of a sous vide pan has dropped drastically.

Advantages sous vide cooking ribeye or steak

When you cook a steak or ribeye sous vide you can benefit from many advantages. Starting with the fact that you have a unique way of cooking so you don't have to control the process. Besides that it is also much healthier because you don't add fat and the original vitamins and taste are preserved. You can also cook it gradually and in the same way. After all, the eye wants something too. And the core temperature of the meat is just right, which is hardly possible with normal frying.

The sous vide ribeye

The sous vide ribeye can be prepared on hot water or in a steam oven. When you do this for the first time you have to search for the right settings on the devices. But luckily the internet is full of tips and temperatures you can use. The advantage of sous vide cooking is that no taste is lost. But also the flavors and the moisture are preserved which you can use to make a delicious gravy. The brown or black crusts you will not get anymore so it also looks nicer. The ribeye is fully cooked on the inside as well as on the outside. And this gives a whole different texture compared to other preparation methods.

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