What is the core temperature for a ribeye on the BBQ?


The core temperature of ribeye on the BBQ is ideal at 45 to 48 degrees Celsius. You can achieve this by putting the ribeye on the cool side of the BBQ. This way you prepare it medium rare. So it is still red inside with a brown border around it. If you want a red version you can bake it a bit lower and if you want it a bit more well done you can go to 70 degrees Celsius. This gives you a delicious piece of tender meat on your plate.

How do you reach the core temperature of ribeye in the pan?

To get the right temperature of ribeye you must be well prepared. This means that you take the ribeye out of the fridge at least 30 minutes before serving. So he can already slightly come to normal temperature. When he is at room temperature you can sprinkle him with the herbs you like. Never add salt while frying because that will take the moisture out of the ribeye. Bake it for 1 minute on high heat. Then turn down the heat and bake the ribeye 3 minutes on both sides. Let it rest in aluminum foil for 2 minutes after baking.

How to prepare a ribeye in the oven

In the oven the core temperature of the ribeye is 54 degrees Celsius maximum to prepare it medium rare. You start with preheating the oven to 75-80 degrees Celsius depending on the type of oven you have. In the time that the oven is preheating you can gently sear the ribeye. The advice is 2 minutes on both sides to create a nice brown edge. After that you can put it in the oven and don't forget to let it rest.

What core temperature types are there for a ribeye?

To make a ribeye bright red or rare it needs a core temperature of about 45-50 degrees Celsius. When you want him pink what most people also choose for steak you can add 5-7 degrees Celsius. To prepare him medium add 2-4 degrees Celsius to get to a maximum of 60 degrees. If you want him well done then you best choose for 70 degrees Celsius or more. When you make a ribeye you should always let it rest in the foil. This way it not only stays warm but it can also cook a little bit longer.

How do you measure the core temperature of a ribeye?

To measure the core temperature of meat or a ribeye you need a so called meat thermometer. You need to stick this in the middle of the meat to measure the right temperature. This is only possible when you cook it in the pan or on the BBQ. You can also buy a thermometer with an alarm in it. Ideal for the BBQ or in the pan to get it just right. You can set the alarm to the number of degrees Celsius you want. When the core temperature is reached turn off the gas or remove it from the BBQ. Then you can let it rest or wrap it in aluminium foil.

Why resting meat is important for the core temperature of a ribeye

Resting meat is especially important with cuts of meat that are not exactly the same. For example, you can have a ribeye that is not straight. So you have to deal with a thick and a thin side. But you want the ideal piece of meat on the table. You do this by reaching the core temperature in the middle. And then let it rest in the aluminum foil for 15-20 minutes maximum. This ensures that the temperature is distributed correctly. The difference can be 5 to 10 degrees on one side and you do not want that!

Low and slow cooking a ribeye to the perfect core temperature

When you want to reach an ideal core temperature with the ribeye it is important to take an equal piece. We advise you to let the butcher cut it off. This ensures that you have no difference between the whole ribeye. This way you can get him exactly at the right temperature. Take for example the medium rare variant. You can cook it on the BBQ at 57 degrees Celsius. It is a matter of time and patience to achieve the desired result. Always season the ribeye before you put it on the BBQ and add some olive oil for some extra moisture.

South American ribeye core temperature

For people who have been to South America, the core temperature of a ribeye is much different. This is because they often cut much thicker pieces than in our country. In America, it is usually prepared soft and slightly pink. You can also cut it in slices and prepare it another day. The Americans use a core temperature of about 56 degrees Celsius. You can achieve this in 5 minutes on the BBQ or 10 minutes in the pan. But you can also do it in the oven at 150 degrees Celsius. Don't forget to lightly fry the ribeye beforehand.

Conclusion core temperature ribeye

So there is no fixed core temperature for ribeye. It depends on what you or your guests like. But also the quality and thickness of the meat influence this. So make sure you always take an equal piece. This way you can reach the perfect temperatures. If a piece is not quite the same, let it cook a little longer in aluminum foil for example. Always use the cool side of the barbecue in order not to overcook it.

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